Ferrara and its 17 pearls

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Ferrara and its 17 pearls

The Ferrarese cuisine is a perfet blend of both the popular country traditions and the noble ones.

The typical bread called “coppia”, the cappellacci filled with pumpkin or the salama da sugo are always present on the Ferrarese table, in traditional trattorias as well as in fine restaurants.

The most popular traditional products, together with those with European acknowledgesments IGP, DOP or DOC, are al called the “17 pearls of the Ferrarese”.

  • Garlic from Voghiera
  • Aglio di Voghiera - DOP
  • Produced in the flat area around Voghiera, where earth has a high clay content.
  • Eel from Comacchio
  • Anguilla delle Valli di Comacchio
  • In the Lagoons of Comacchio eels are in their perfect habitat and they boast a great cooking tradition.
  • The green Asparagus of Altedo – IGP
  • Asparago verde di Altedo - IGP
  • Produced in the province of Ferrara, especially in the area around Mesola.
  • Ferrarese Cappellacci with pumpkin
  • Cappellacci di Zucca ferraresi
  • Hand made pasta traditionally served at the Este court and filled with the local high quality pumpkin.
  • Carrots from the Po Delta
  • Carota del Delta ferrarese
  • Produced in the territory around Goro, Codigoro, Mesola , Lagosanto e Comacchio.
  • Ferrarese Watermelon
  • Cocomero ferrarese
  • The best production areas are Bondeno, Berra, Jolanda, Ostellato, Argenta, Codigoro and Comacchio.
  • Ferrarese Bread – IGP
  • Coppia ferrarese - IGP
  • Elegant shaped bread with a noble origin, it is a real must of the Italian cooking.
  • Tipical Melon from Emilia
  • Melone dell'Emilia
  • Best-known production areas: in Bondeno, Gavello and Zerbinate, in Codigoro, in the land of Mezzano.
  • Pampepato o pampapato di Ferrara
  • Pampepato o pampapato di Ferrara
  • The most typical Ferrarese sweet dates back to the 1600’s and is shaped like the clery skull-cap.
  • Pear from Emilia Romagna – IGP
  • Pera dell' Emilia Romagna - IGP
  • The production extends in the whole province, it is significant both in tems of quantity and quality.
  • Peach and Nectarine from Romagna – IGP
  • Pesca e nettarina di Romagna - IGP
  • Production are:Argenta, Cento , Codigoro, Massa Fiscalia, Portomaggiore, Sant’Agostino, Tresigallo, Poggio Renatico, Voghiera.
  • Rice from the Po Delta – IGP
  • Riso del Delta del Po - IGP
  • Produced in the area of the Great Land Reclamation near the Po Delta, Jolanda di Savoia, Massa Fiscaglia, Codigoro.
  • Salama da sugo o Salamina
  • Salama da sugo o Salamina
  • Its strong and flavored taste comes from an ancient past and a traditional preparation.
  • The “Zia Ferrarese” Salami
  • Salame "Zia Ferrarese"
  • Typical rural disk from the late Renaissance period, it is base d on pork and marinated in white wine.
  • Ferrarese Salami
  • Salame ferrarese
  • This garlic salami is produced using the best parts of the pig, like loin, shoulder and rump.
  • Bosco Eliceo Wines – DOC
  • Vini del Bosco Eliceo - DOC
  • Produced on the sandy earth of embankments along the coast and the lagoons of the Po Delta.
  • Clam from Goro
  • Vongole di Goro
  • The village of Goro became a point of reference throughout Italy for this particular shellfish.